Western Block, First Floor

European Glass Collection

The art objects housed at the Salar Jung are a living testimony to the artistic attainments in this medium and familiarize the visitors with the degree of technical expertise accomplished of the glass makers from Venice, France, England, America, Bohemia, Belgium and Istanbul.

A few specimens of Venetian and French glass are on display. The stupendous quality of the Venetian glass is its lightness, fragility, exquisite design and sense of seamless balance. Some of the pieces have been painted and enameled to represent the human form, floral designs and gold decoration. Two vases cut, enameled and painted represent male and female figurines having veils over their faces. The other objects on show are notable for their design, shape and the sparkling joviality of their painted ornamentation which reflect the style of the great masters.

The English glass collection of the museum represents the styles and workmanship of the late 18th and 19th century artist. The glass manufactured during the 18th century was very agile, thin and proportionate. The museum houses a few representative examples of the stem and foot types such as air twist and double air twist to cut and plain wine glasses. The museum also has a variety of diamond cut engraved glass and American pressed glass, mostly of the 19th century.

The Salar Jung museum houses a good number of picturesque chandeliers, wall brackets, cheekas, handis and lamps all dating back to the 18th and 19th century. They might have been drawn from France, Istanbul, Ireland and Venice. Some of the chandeliers are decorated with gold which are from Italy. The coloured chandeliers which are displayed in the jade room, foyer, period room and glass room are some exquisite examples from the collection.