Western Block, Ground Floor

European Marble Sculptures

The marble sculptures in the museum are sizeable in number though majority of them are garden figures being copies of Greek mythological sculptures done by famous artists. Of the original figures, mention may be made of a charming sculpture Veiled Rebecca, acquired by Salar Jung I. Rebecca is a character from the ‘Old Testament’. The world-renowned sculptor, G.B. Benzoni has brought out the bridal bashfulness and youth of Rebecca with his unerring chisel. Among the others, Cleopatra by Prof. Borione, Bebe by a French sculptor capturing the innocence of a baby, ‘Psyche’ wife of Cupid who is celebrated for her beauty, are some good examples on view. Two copies of the well-known French sculptor, Canora (1757-1822) consisting of Princess Pauline cast as Venus and another figure of Venus are also nice marbles. The marble statues from Italy, France and England form sizeable collection of the museum.