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Toys & Dolls

Toys and Dolls in India have been made since the Indus valley civilization. They are used in ceremonies, festivals and auspicious occasions. It is said that toys have an essential affinity to the Indian culture. The toys of different places have their own individual style and genius. Our craftsmen in older days used to provide children with clay models of wild animals, birds and deities. While playing with these toys children would naturally increase their knowledge and understanding about vital things, they not only have aesthetic appeal but also have a psychological impact on the growing children.

Andhra Pradesh specialized in the production of variety of toys making use of every conceivable raw material available called Kondapally toys. Kondapally is a village few miles from Vijayawada. The toys of this place have established a great reputation all over the country and abroad. These toys are made of ‘Tella Poniki’ wood capable of being shaped into any form. The toys produced were influenced by birds, mythology and daily workers. The style is realistic but has a rare delicacy of touch with the faces being expressive.